From the moment I opened the email that informed me of my acceptance into Harmonie and right throughout welcoming week, I felt a profound sense of pride. It was during that busy welcoming week that I met wonderful people and learned to appreciate our beautiful residence.

I walked through “Knersis” on my first day and was immediately greeted by the friendly members of the House Committee, whereafter I was escorted to the room I would call my home for the next year. To make us feel even more welcome, the newcomers were provided with handpicked mentors to help us adjust to our new surroundings.

Out of the many exciting activities that took place during welcoming week, I would like to reminisce about a few special moments.

One of the first “skakels” we had was with the first years of Huis Visser. Dress code: black. Tonight, we dance! We had the privilege to learn a few dances with the University of Stellenbosch Dancing Society and my partners and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Another one of my good memories is of an afternoon when we were graced with the presence of the Pieke men. The House Committee disguised themselves as first years, while a few newcomers took on the daunting task of being HK-members. It was such blast to see how our guests reacted towards the young house leaders, and how the real House Committee blended in with the rest of us.

We also had various other social events with both male, female and mixed residences and PSO’s, including speed dating, watermelon fights, picnics and hamburger building.

A chat with a few alumni of Harmonie led us, as newcomers, to gain a better understanding of our incredibly special residence and realize how blessed we are to call Harmonie our home. It was truly inspiring to see how connected the Harmonites are.

One afternoon we hiked up Coetzenburg mountain, where the House Committee taught us the house song and gave us time to ponder over the year ahead. They also taught us the Cookery dance. Next time I hear “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” I’ll definitely jump up and start dancing!

Another special occasion was the evening that the newcomers and seniors got to know each other better, while sharing their “claim to fame”. It was definitely a fun way to familiarize ourselves with our residence sisters, all while having a good laugh.

How can one summarize welcoming week without mentioning Vensters? We joined forces with Oude Molen and our show was a huge success! Although we didn’t win, we know that we gave it our best shot. Besides, in the end the most important thing is that we had fun.

All in all, the welcoming period was one crazy, ridiculously tiring, yet incredibly fun week. I do believe that the first years learned a lot and possibly made lifelong friends. I am honoured call myself a Harmonite!

by Andrea Swart