A new year in university is always a thrilling time in a person’s life. There are new people, new classes, new clubs to join. You name it, it’s there. As the first years rolled their suitcases in during welcoming week, they soon found themselves surrounded with countless opportunities to be a part of the Harmonie community. In no time, the sign-up sheets on the “eetsaal” door quickly began to fill with names of eager Harmonites excited to participate in residence activities. Although Harmonie offers an abundance of committees to form part of, the sports club are frequently a big hit. Harmonie offers soccer, hockey, netball, chess and table tennis, and they are all equally popular amongst the ladies.
As the year progresses, the sports clubs have started practicing in preparation for their various upcoming events. The soccer team, led by Esmari Mare, was the first to partake in a tournament style event. With only one or two practices under their belt, the first years of the Harmonie soccer team found themselves playing in a friendly tournament over the course of two weekends. From the four games our ladies played, they managed to draw two and lose the other two. However, what they may have lacked in technique in skill, they made up for with their incredible “gees”, sportsmanship, and overall attitude on the pitch! Although all of the first years played their hearts out equally, a special mention goes to Ewaldi Fick. In the first game, she put everything she had into being a team player and never once stopped moving around the field for that ball. Ewaldi, thank you for showing everyone what Harmonie is made of. Make sure you all stay tuned for more upcoming soccer events and show all the support!
Soccer isn’t the only sport that has been working hard. Harmonie’s hockey team, led by Lana de Jongh, put in hours of practice in preparation for their tournament that took place on 4 March. Although they haven’t had an incredible amount of time to prepare for these matches, we are proud of their performance on the field despite the fact that they didn’t win. Next time, ladies, we’ll show ‘em how it’s done!
Another popular sport with the ladies is Netball. This year our representative is none other than the amazing player Caromé Barnard. Unlike soccer and hockey, netball won’t begin until April. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t get just as excited for them as we did for the others! Naturally, we know that our Harmonites will bring some incredible “gees” to the court, so keep a look out for the release of the official netball dates!
Who said sports had to be all physical? Here in Harmonie, we offer a chess club (because not everyone particularly enjoys sweating, and let’s be honest – walking to class is enough exercise). Our chess team is led by first year Cherise van Niekerk. They had their first match on the 28th of February. Out of their five matches, they won one and we can certainly expect a lot of success from these geniuses!
The last, but certainly not least, sport we have in Harmonie is none other than table tennis. Much like chess, it’s a less intense sport and happens to also be ran by a first year! Emma Swart, otherwise known as “Bucket”, will be taking the table tennis reigns for 2017. Although it’s off to a bit of a rough start by not having an actual table to play table tennis on, the ladies are still just as keen and ready to show Stellenbosch what Harmonie has to offer.
It’s more than clear that Harmonie offers all these sports and clubs to try and include as many of our ladies as possible. As we all know, our house values are love, unity, and respect. With that being said, as Harmonites, it is our duty to apply these values to our committees as well as our communitites. Whether you’re the captain of the team, a reserve player, or cheering from the sidelines, always remember that we are representing Harmonie and consequently, those values.
At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter if we won or lost a match. Harmonites are the most “gees”-filled and supportive group of women, so let’s remember that we are a family, and family members support one another. With that being said, I urge you to try your best to get to as many matches as possible! A little bit of support goes a long way. Show your fellow Harmonites all the love, unity, and respect you can muster.

By Claire Ruby