Everybody knows how high school dances usually entail those awkward conversations and stiff dance partners. This is most definitely not the case at university dances… The first year’s dance was a fun evening where the first year ladies of Harmonie got to spend time with their fellow Harmonites (and maybe with a handsome date they met in Welcoming Week at a skakel, or in class).

The theme for the first year’s dance this year was “Inside Out”, with décor inspired by the animation movie with the same name released by Pixar in 2015. In the quad, the trees were draped with fairy lights and the guests could lounge around on the comfortable sofas before the dance commenced. The dining hall was, too, draped in fairy lights, and created a warm and aesthetically pleasing welcome. The guests were seated at tables which were beautifully decorated according to the chosen theme, with colourful placemats and centerpieces. Also included in the table décor was a lovely souvenir glass for each guest, completed with the 1905 logo of Harmonie and the words “First Year’s Dance 2017”.

When everyone had found a seat, the dance floor was opened by the House Committee members and the party started. Everyone enjoyed the range of music that was played by the DJ, our very own Una. If I may give you some advice for future dances: do not, under any circumstances, dance in platform heels! In between dancing and eating Roman’s pizza, the guests could take photos at the photo booth, which was also “Inside Out” inspired.

I think it is safe to say that the First Year’s Dance of 2017 was a huge success and that the Functions Committee did an excellent job in making it a magical evening for all the guests.