From the “Kuierleiers” to the Smarties, the ladies of the Harmonie Molassesêr team pulled out all the stops. The audience was chauffeured through a realistic tour around the University of Stellenbosch in the comfort of their own seats.

The purpose of the energy-charged production was to promote staying true to one’s roots, and simultaneously feeling comfortable while walking on the Rooiplein during lunch hour intervals. “Roots” here is not used in the context of one’s hair roots, but rather as a representation of what makes you, you.

Stellenbosch University is known for its diverse group of students who study and reside on, as well as around, the university’s campus. Each student seems to use their own method of socializing, staying active, and (most importantly) making HEMIS. This diversity is exactly what Harmonie’s Molassesêr ladies were determined to prove.

The day of the Molassesêr started off on a very good note (pun intended). At 06:00, the ladies had their very last rehearsal. Instead of acting as an alarm clock for the rest of the house, as was intended, windows had been angrily shut by 06:05 in reaction to the noise level. This did not offend the Molassesêr ladies though, as it only served to prove that their gees was where it should be!

The ladies’ first performance at the AmaMaties hub was both nerve wrecking and exciting; this was their first time seeing the judges reactions to the moves that were incorporated, the song choices, and the way in which they presented themselves.

The performance was divided into different categories of students of Stellenbosch University, namely: Kuierluiers, Smarties, Humanitarians and The Poppies.

The story revolves around a student at the University of Stellenbosch trying to find her way through each and every group. She ends up never fitting into any of these groups, finding herself unhappy, unattractive, tired and fighting a nasty hangover. She later learns that the only way she will ever fit in as well as be happy, is to be herself and to stick to her roots because each and every student is flawless in their own unique way. There truly was no better way to end off than with the flawless lyrics: “Baby we look so

good all the time, Oh Yeah Oh Yeah Oh Yeah”.

by Tamlyn Blignaut