I was completely amazed by the outcome of the dance. The atmosphere, drinks, food and company were more than perfect. I went to the dance with high expectations; after all, I was very determined to make it a night to remember. I was one of the first to arrive at the venue. I was quivering with joy and excitement when I entered the building. The atmosphere was already set with the background music and lights, which just gave me that immediate feeling of excitement. I was amped to start the night on the dance floor. However I didn’t wanted to be that one girl that you find dancing on her own. So I waited for my friends to arrive so we could open up the dance floor.

Not long after I arrived, everyone started to show up. The ladies looked beyond beautiful with their own unique styles. It was an interesting and exciting experience to see the girls all dressed up compared to their everyday casual clothing. One thing that I know for sure is that the ladies in Harmonie know how to dress to impress!

On arrival everyone was welcomed with an alcoholic punch that was really tasty and just the right way to start the night off. I found it easy to mingle with everyone and all the guests were very open to socialising. I truly like the concept of having the dance at a nightclub. It makes things so much easier and Tin Roof was a more than adequate venue. It is also good to change up the scenery.

After we ate our scrumptious Romans pizzas, I decided to join my friends on the dance floor. That is when the night truly started. My friends and I decided not to take dates, but rather take each other. I found it lovely to spend the night out with my Harmonie sisters.

Last but certainly not least: the photo booth! I loved the idea of using props as they added character and flair to the photos. It was a fun and interactive way to capture the memories that were made that night.

I can say with all honesty, it was a night to remember. I’m totally looking forward to the next senior’s dance. The senior’s committee did a great job in making it a memorable night.

Tayleigh Davids