Exams are right around the corner and the nerves are starting to set in. It’s time to start drinking vitamins, because the biannual symptoms we all know so well, have started to manifest: binge-watching series, stress eating, freaking out about due dates and, worst of all, procrastination.  Luckily, the House Fund(s) Dance was just in time to allow us to blow off some steam and enjoy fabulous Harmonie socialising. The next Harmonie dance, the one and only House Dance, will only be late in the second semester, therefore attending this one was an opportunity not to be missed!

The dance took place in the heart and stomach of Stellenbosch University: the Neelsie. Having a dance so close to home was amazing. There was no need to drag along comfortable shoes or jackets. It also allowed us to show off our outfits to the students in FHARGA. They only hate us cause they ain’t us.

The Harmonie newcomers came out in their numbers to represent. This forecasts an incredibly participatory first years group. However, several Harmonie alumni also attended the dance, which lead to a number of vocal reunions between current and “old” Harmonites.

The theme this year was emoji’s, which was ingenious. Not only do most of us use them every day, but thanks to recent WhatsApp updates, there are a bunch of new ones available for our social media pleasure. We really are a diverse group of women: we had scientists, a unicorn, cowboys, queens,  and any other emoji you can think of. Hands down the two outfits that dominated the evening were Caitlynne and Emma’s amazing matching costumes. MacDonald’s chips have never looked as fabulous.

The beverages for the evening were the most diverse I have seen at a Harmonie dance. This dance really offered something for everyone. The cuisine consisted of one of the top three student favourites. Romans pizza is an absolute must. MacDonald’s and Pulp popcorn may have been a bit impractical, so maybe next time.

The last hour of House Fund(s) Dance was the best part of the evening. That was the moment we all come together and just let go. Dancing and singing along to music with your friends is one of the best feelings in the world.  The music was louder and the dance moves were on point.  Shout out to the wonderful ladies of the Second Years Committee, who organised the whole event. Thank you for helping us to take a break before all of the exam pressure.

  • Kayla Odendaal