Fashion designer Rachel Zoe said, “Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak”. Style is a lens through which we can express ourselves and I believe winter is the perfect season to do this. With the arrival of winter, we are introduced to some vibrant and bold, yet comfortable fashion trends. These include: velvet, sportswear, knitwear, eighties, ruffles, sweaters, classic trenches, denim-on-denim. I will be breaking down some of these exciting trends for this season as well as looking at possible transitional pieces to assist us in the transition from autumn to winter. But Harmonie could surely take the fashion world by storm with all the ultra-inspiring and trendsetting pieces that I’ve seen.

Winter marks the return of what is perhaps one of my absolute favourite fashion staples: the classic trench coat. Considering that bold hues are trending this season, a trench in an unusual colour makes for the perfect plot twist to your life. A Harmonite rocked this look recently, wearing a bright trench and it looked fabulous. Another Harmonite wore what appeared to be a trench-inspired item in beige, pairing it with a white shirt and dark pants for the ultimate elegant finish.

Velvet is emerging as a major fashion trend this year, featured as the trend to watch by numerous fashion magazines. Perfect for a night out, but quite a tricky and difficult trend to pull off. The easiest way to pull this off is simplicity; choosing to wear one or two velvet items velvet jacket and/or velvet boots, instead of wearing full velvet. But if you want to go full-on with head-to-toe velvet, go for it! Fashion is all about taking risks, and according to Cushnie et Ochs, an American fashion house founded in 2008, “Life is too short to wear boring clothes”.

Another trend that is currently dominating the fashion world is sportswear. I have seen quite a few ladies rocking this trend, perhaps because it’s time to break a sweat and hit the gym. But besides going to the gym, this trend could possibly be worn for a night out. How? Maybe by wearing a sporty ski jacket with a cool pair of jeans. The fashion industry is said to be obsessed with this trend. Clothing from the eighties is also seen making a return to the runways. I saw a Harmonite wearing a baseball jacket and jeans and her shoes, accessories and top were paired together so well that she had crafted a look that contained elements of both these trends.

It’s staring to get cold and you know what that means? Sweater weather! Sweaters are super-comfortable, warm and perfect for exam season. They’re in fashion and there’s rarely anything that a sweater cannot be paired with. I’ve been seeing a myriad of cute sweaters in Harmonie, as well as a few Harmonites rocking those awesome Harmonie sweaters.

Denim-on-Denim. I LOVE denim. Mostly because it’s timeless and will probably always be considered trendy. This trend involves wearing the much-loved denim jeans with a denim shirt and/or denim jacket. On that note, a denim jacket is regarded as one of the must-have items in your wardrobe this season. Another must-have item is a bomber jacket, available in a variety of colours and textures, including (but not limited to) metallic, floral, or a gorgeous khaki. I haven’t seen much denim-on-denim being worn but I have seen some cool-looking denim jeans. I saw a Harmonite wearing a stylish pair of burgundy jeans, the colour of autumn leaves and perfect for the transition between the seasons.

Skirts could also possibly assist in transitioning from the season of autumn to winter. They’re perfect for when you’re tired of the pants and sweater combo, plus they come in a vast array of styles and prints which allow you to play around with your look. A long skirt could be worn which gives off a mysterious girl from a novel appearance. Another option would be to opt for a skirt that is shorter in length, but pairs well with knee-high boots. Last season, I saw a Harmonite wearing a black and white dress with knee-high boots, altogether creating a truly runway-worthy look. Who said being stylish needs to be rocket science? Keep it simple with this transitional item and trend to try (because it makes life oh so more convenient): longer sleeves. Basically, your sleeves are longer than usual and cover your hands so no need for gloves (yay!) and when you need to use your phone you simply stretch your hands out or push your sleeves up.

Harmonites are striking the right notes when it comes to fashion, and setting some major trends. Fashion is a tool to express yourself and as Bill Cunningham said: “Fashion is the armour to survive everyday life.” Now go forth and conquer.

By: The Girl with the Pink Sneakers