Sometimes you just need a little pick-me-up to get you through the week. Here are 10 tweets, tumblr posts and pictures that are guaranteed make you giggle.

  1. Since it’s exam time, we’ll start off with something way too relatable for words.GordynYou actually had a legitimate question and it was something about your upcoming exam. But hey, a 5-day late “It’s on SunLearn” reply is sufficient, right?


2. So you’re forced to be this person during the actual exam. memeSeriously. The desperation is real.

3. Also, the entire time you’re writing the exam, you’re asking your brain where it is.jafarCOME BACK TO ME PLEASE.


4. Because you find your mind wandering around and you start questioning your sanity.

koffieNow we’re asking the real questions. 


5. Being a university student, you’re probably craving a cup of coffee or tea. Let’s just hope this isn’t you.



6. Or perhaps you prefer buying your caffeinated beverage at a fast-food restaurant. Some places ask for your name. My advice: stick to a very generic “Bob” or “Lisa”. Unless you feel like losing all hope in humanity.



7. All this studenting makes one hungry.alice


8. Maybe you eat at res, or prefer to cook for yourself. Either way, I truly hope you’re having a better day than this poor soul who had to experience this LASAGA disaster.




9. Desert time! Shall we all have a moment of silence for the person who received this unfortunate pudding?we

I don’t know about you, but I definitely feel like I’ve had a better day than the receiver of this creepy cake…


10. Lastly, we all know that we’re a little much to handle at times (especially when we’re trying to survive exams and also be a presentable human being). Just remember that you’re awesome, no matter how extra people think you are.nachosAwesome like avocado. Because avocado.