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To pass or to gym?

By Carmen-Marie Payne Sometimes it can be tricky to find a happy balance between all our tests, assignments, online tuts, exams AND time for gym. Suddenly our schedules no longer allow Klein Saterdag celebrations let alone gym. And if we’re... Continue Reading →


5 Memory hacks to improve exam performance

By Tariro Mashanda Exercise before your exam: Physical activity has been proven to improve memory performance and brain power. A twenty-minute walk before your exam is recommended. Draw Diagrams: Summarising your work and breaking it down into simple diagrams can... Continue Reading →

How to make your make-up last all day

By Andrea Swart I am such an avid make-up fan and love enhancing my look. But sometimes by the end of the day or even half way through my foundation has moved around on my face, my concealer seeped into... Continue Reading →

Starry Starry Night

By Mareli Swart On the night of 10 March 2018, there was much anticipation and enthusiasm in the air at Harmonie Ladies’ Residence. The annual First Years’ Dance. Girls were twittering around asking for this and that, trying out different... Continue Reading →

Pumpkin 3 ways

By Mareli Swart Ever bought one of those steam packets of pumpkin at the supermarket only to realise it is way too much for a single meal? Well, good news is that there are multiple easy ways to use your... Continue Reading →

Weight training – Should I lift heavy?

By Jana Diener Weightlifting: The biggest misconception with regards to women and weightlifting is that women are afraid that they will “bulk” or gain size. However, this is physically not possible. The reason men grow in size when weightlifting is... Continue Reading →

The First of Many

By Mareli Swart The 25th of January. The date alone is enough to make the hearts of parents and guardians throb. Mothers could not let their beautiful daughters go and we all thought, “Oh, how the tables have turned.” The... Continue Reading →

last of spring

BY Olivia Saffer You can't go wrong if you wander down - or gambol, frolic - to the botanical garden which is just a hop, skip and a jump away. Waterlilies are in season and they are making a spectacular... Continue Reading →

1-2-3 Banana Pancakes

By Mareli Swart This easy to make pancake recipe may be known to many, but not so much loved. This is an improved recipe. Ingredients: 1 Ripe Banana 2 Eggs Salt to taste Cinnamon Cooking spray, oil or butter for... Continue Reading →

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