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Starry Starry Night

By Mareli Swart On the night of 10 March 2018, there was much anticipation and enthusiasm in the air at Harmonie Ladies’ Residence. The annual First Years’ Dance. Girls were twittering around asking for this and that, trying out different... Continue Reading →


The First of Many

By Mareli Swart The 25th of January. The date alone is enough to make the hearts of parents and guardians throb. Mothers could not let their beautiful daughters go and we all thought, “Oh, how the tables have turned.” The... Continue Reading →

Stay In weekend

By Ingrid Grundling & Kayla Odendal It came, it entertained, and it left us all wanting more. Harmonie’s annual Stay In weekend kicked off with a classy art exhibition on the evening of the 21st of July. Making its debut... Continue Reading →

A Morning Well Spent: Hats and Heels

There are always debates regarding whether or not staying in a student residence is of any value. Those in favor of private accommodation will say that it allows for more freedom or that sharing immediate living quarters ‘is not my... Continue Reading →

House Fun(ds) Dance

Exams are right around the corner and the nerves are starting to set in. It’s time to start drinking vitamins, because the biannual symptoms we all know so well, have started to manifest: binge-watching series, stress eating, freaking out about... Continue Reading →

My first experience of the senior’s dance

I was completely amazed by the outcome of the dance. The atmosphere, drinks, food and company were more than perfect. I went to the dance with high expectations; after all, I was very determined to make it a night to... Continue Reading →

Harmonie Molassesêr 2017: “Ladies with Gees”

From the “Kuierleiers” to the Smarties, the ladies of the Harmonie Molassesêr team pulled out all the stops. The audience was chauffeured through a realistic tour around the University of Stellenbosch in the comfort of their own seats. The purpose... Continue Reading →

First year’s dance

Everybody knows how high school dances usually entail those awkward conversations and stiff dance partners. This is most definitely not the case at university dances… The first year’s dance was a fun evening where the first year ladies of Harmonie... Continue Reading →

Welcoming week 2017

From the moment I opened the email that informed me of my acceptance into Harmonie and right throughout welcoming week, I felt a profound sense of pride. It was during that busy welcoming week that I met wonderful people and... Continue Reading →

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